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What would real men look like in underwear ads?

This was from 2013, but as we’re being bombarded by images of athletes because of the Olympics, I thought it would be amusing to bring back.

Have a peek at what real men would look like in pants adverts

Source: What real men would look like in pants ads – The Sun

17 comments on “What would real men look like in underwear ads?

  1. Hariod Brawn
    August 19, 2016

    David Beckham and Mr. Pink’s gardener:

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  2. silenceofmind
    August 19, 2016

    Someone just peed in my morning Cheerios.

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  3. acflory
    August 19, 2016

    Oh god, I’m so shallow…gimme models any day!

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  4. makagutu
    August 19, 2016

    That would be an impossible feat for me. Will it be my day job or six pack that takes my time?

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  5. Curious and Curiouser
    August 19, 2016

    This is so sweet. If only the average woman had such a relaxed attitude to their body ❤️

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    • If only *I* had such a relaxed attitude to mine 😉 I have the same waist size I had when I was 18. Dessert is never more than a square of chocolate. No soft drinks. No sugar. Very low fat, no butter…


      • karenjane
        August 19, 2016

        Oh to have your willpower. I still have a skirt from when I was 18. Waist 22″. A very distant memory. The only time I got close to that after I reached 25 was when I was ill. How can you resist French butter? I rarely eat desert, but butter & dark chocolate are too delicious to give up. And I’ve tried eating only one square & all I want is another. And another.

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      • I meant I don’t cook with butter 🙂 Haven’t since Mike had high cholesterol. I’ll have a little bit now and again, but usually it’s Flora Pro-activ


  6. karenjane
    August 19, 2016

    None of the real men look too bad to me. They are probably more fun to spend time with than the vain over primped & far-too muscly- models. And Mr Beckham’s excessive inkings make me feel ill.

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  7. darthtimon
    August 19, 2016

    I am definitely the more average-looking of the two. Despite my best efforts, I think I always will be average.

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  8. Esme upon the Cloud
    August 19, 2016

    I think they all have their place to be honest, though I find the sculpted look a bit ‘hard’ (misses), so not very sensual. It’s a plastic look to my eyes, and having encountered such a thing myself once upon a time, I prefer softer muscles. Having said that I love the way David Beckham’s ink look on this picture and knowing he’s actually a nice bloke, instead of a high maintenance knob-head sways me a bit in his case. For esme, Ben is the most attractive bloke on there and it’s great that the ‘normal’ men felt confident enough to pose against such muscled men in a national paper. Steve is a modern-day Viking!

    – esme considering pants upon the Cloud

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  9. metan
    August 20, 2016

    Got to feel sorry for those ripped bodies in the future, can’t stay that way forever, and when we are all old and wrinkled the egos of those of us who look ‘normal’ now aren’t going to suffer such a terrible blow! 😀

    An Australian comedian, Celeste Barber, has become well known for posting photos of herself recreating the falsely glamorous pictures celebrities post of themselves, she’s hilarious.


  10. Linn
    August 20, 2016

    I will disagree with these examples being any more real men than athletes (but I suspect it was meant tongue in cheek in the article).
    All men are real men, whether they are skinny, fat or athletic.

    The picture of the guy you posted is quite realistic, but I found the “gardener” in the picture Hariod Brawn posted to be way too fat. If I was that man’s doctor, I would give him some serious lifestyle advice.

    I see a lot of bodies in my work, and I must say that the majority of young men (and women) I see, actually has athletic bodies. It is extremely rare that I see any fat people below the age of 30.
    Whenever a young guy comes in with abdominal pains, it’s actually difficult to feel for pathological rigidity (the sort of rigidity that would come from peritonitis) , because their abdomen is already rigid after years of exercise.

    Could be just the area I live in that has all the athletic people gathered in one place.

    I’ve noticed that a lot of American articles about how women experience dissatisfaction with body image, include actual overweight women as an example of how women should be (maybe because USA has such a large number of obese people). I don’t see how that is helpful for dealing with women’s distorted body image.
    Being fat isn’t any better than being overly skinny (especially considering the large amount of health problems in the modern world related to obesity), and posting images of overweight people to protest against beauty ads isn’t the way to go.

    I do however like how this puts focus on the pressure that men feels regarding body image, since many only talk about the pressure against women.
    When traveling Europe and looking at old art and statues, I’ve noticed that the view on the preferred female body has changed, while the male ideal has remained the same.
    Art in many cultures seem to depict women that we would nowadays call chubby.
    Ancient statues and art with men however, seem to always depict them as athletic.
    Most likely because of men’s role in hunting, warfare etc. Only kings and nobles could get away with being fat, most other men had to live up to stuff like this.



    • Linn
      August 20, 2016

      Damn. Looks like the the picture in the link won’t load. Oh well. It’s just a statue of a very athletic Zeus (or Poseidon) for those that are wondering.


  11. clubschadenfreude
    August 20, 2016

    I’m not too keen on the ripped look, but a nicely athletic body with a sleekness from small layer of fat is much more enticing. Husband I have been on a modified protein/fat/veg diet with very little carb and plenty of wine and have lost a little over 20 pounds each so far over 6 months. we’re both up for wellness checks that require blood tests so I’m terribly curious to see where our cholesterol is.


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