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Mazamet: Being Gazumped & Hot August Real Estate

Okay, so we weren’t actually gazumped – I just like using that word. An apartment came up for sale in the building across the street (Residence du Haut Languedoc) and someone got an offer in before us. It was accepted. So we’re on the waiting list in the unlikely case anything goes wrong with the sale. Anyway, I’ve finally got around to convincing Mike we should continue to invest in Mazamet, so that’s progress. Letting money sit in the bank at the interest they pay these days is insanity.

Now some interesting news not yet available anywhere else …! Another house on the Boulevard de Lattre de Tassigny is up for sale. A very polite elderly woman lived there, she used to spend a lot of time at the downstairs window – and said hello every time I passed it. She fell ill about six months ago, was taken away and never returned home. Now the place is up for sale at an incredibly low price (perhaps to pay for a nursing home?)

It’s number 13, the house with the provençal green shutters. Not one of the bigger houses in the area, but an excellent address. The house needs updating, but is in generally good condition. When we first arrived and the trees weren’t yet blocking the view I peaked inside – from an upstairs bedroom, using the zoom function on my good camera 😀 The rooms aren’t big, but flow nicely into each other with a good central hallway. It’s got a nice compact garden.

The asking price is €150 thousand and it’s for sale here. This is the only agency it’s listed with at the moment. From what I’ve heard (for a quick sale) the owner will take 133k + there’s the 5% agent’s commission and then notary fees.

Here’s the garden side (facing south)


And now as seen from one of our guest rooms

And here’s the cadastre so you get an idea of the street, we’re labelled Our house, and number 13 is marked with the red star.




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