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Fundraiser by Swarndeep Gill : Road to Independence



Let’s help Victoria drive away from the Crazy Christians (literally)

“… relocating to a deeply religious sect in the South to be closer to her parents who had been transferred there by the military. The trauma of her loss made her vulnerable to relentless proselytising by evangelicals. The hypocrisy in the community that surrounded her eventually caused her to leave, but the loss of deep belief was a difficult time.”

Source: Fundraiser by Swarndeep Gill : Road to Independence

We all love Victoria, so c’mon, let’s make Swarn’s thing happen!


11 comments on “Fundraiser by Swarndeep Gill : Road to Independence

  1. Scottie
    July 31, 2018

    I agree. Lets make it happen. Hugs

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  2. Although she seems like a very nice person who has had deep challenges she had probably a good pension at least for her daughter from the FBI and social security for her daughter. She herself is on disability so she has a regular income, and she is living without cost with her parents.

    I guess I am being a Debbie Downer which I really hate to being that position, but there are millions of well deserving people who need a leg up in life, people who do not have a guaranteed income.

    She sounds like a lovely person and I wish her well.


    • Scottie
      August 1, 2018

      @ Str8Grandmother, I agree there are far too many people needing help. That is a sad fact in our world we don’t seem able to care for each other very well. However I think you fail in your comment in several ways. First there is no reason to suspect she gets any kind of pension from the FBI. Her husband would have to have worked for them for at least 20 years to qualify for a pension. We do not even know if he had life insurance at time of death. We don’t know what bills she face, but we do know she had to move several times. We do know her situation now is very hard. Lastly people on disability do not make a lot. Think of single person on social security retirement. You really struggle to live on that small amount. I know as I am disabled. I know people who get as little as $500 and change in disability payments. For myself if I did not have a husband with a good paying job I wouldn’t have been able to afford our home or our car, not to mention utilities like water and electric. Then factor in food and insurances, doctors co-pays and medications. Disability and social security retirement doesn’t go very far. As for if she is living cost free just because she is living with elderly parents who may have the same low income money problems, you again make unwarranted assumptions. Besides she is a 60 year old woman, why would she want to live with her parents. Maybe they would rather have their home to themselves. Again you are assuming too much with a blanket statement. Best wishes are nice but a donation if possible would help better. Be well. Hugs

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    • The Pink Agendist
      August 1, 2018

      Have a look at her blog, I think you’ll like what she does:

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    • NeuroNotes
      August 2, 2018

      Hi Str8Grandmother. I can understand why you would make assumptions about my circumstances. I might have done that myself with someone else if I didn’t have further background information. I am on SSI disability. That equates to $770 a month. I worked for the FBI for 2 years, so I do not get a pension from them.

      Even if I did, Social Security would doc me, as SSI recipients are not allowed to have extra income, but they won’t doc me for using these funds to buy a car, as having one is considered a necessity.

      The system keeps people on SSI disability in a state of poverty. Mobility is difficult. Due to health issues, I need Medicaid at this time, which is why I was approved for SSI. Before my health took a dive, I lost 2 jobs, back to back, after my conservatively religious employers found out I was an atheist. I live in a right-to-work state so employers can fire you or lay you off without stating a reason.

      Shortly thereafter, I became too ill to work. I do have a little dignity left but sharing such personal information for all the world to see hasn’t been easy for me, especially considering the fact that there’s a stigma associated with poverty in the U.S. Only a few close friends on WordPress knew about my situation.

      I’ve never asked friends or family for financial support. I’ve always carried my own weight and then some. My parents spent their nest egg and cashed in their life insurance policy to recover from Hurricane Katrina.

      They are on a fixed income. My 86 year old stepfather is disabled due to exposure to Agent Orange during the Vietnam war. Otherwise, they would have helped me get a car. I’m grateful they opened their home to me with loving arms.

      I am paying rent, my share of the utilities, buying my own food and other necessities so I won’t be a financial burden on them. I have to be very frugal. At this point, it would take quite a while to save enough to buy a dependable car but I have been saving some.

      Right now I’m a shut-in. It’s not fun, but I have not sat around feeling sorry for myself. I have been an avid advocate for traumatic brain injury awareness and blog to support people who have experienced hardships after deconversion as well as bring awareness about the negative impacts of conservative religion.

      This is an abridged version of my circumstances. Thanks for reading.

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    • Esme upon the Cloud
      August 3, 2018

      I can’t help but be annoyed that Victoria has felt she needed had to share all those extra personal details because of such assumptions made by you in order to ‘prove’ you wrong. Surely you could have contacted Swarn to enquire before commenting in such a way if you had any queries as to how ‘deserving’ you felt this kind act by Swarn was? And kindness kills no one, the same cannot be said of thoughtlessness.

      Mr Pink, feel free to delete this comment once read.

      – Esme Cloud

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      • The Pink Agendist
        August 3, 2018

        I think the exchange helps remove doubts if anyone still had any 😉
        Victoria has nothing to be ashamed of and nothing to hide – I like how she made that clear.

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      • Esme upon the Cloud
        August 3, 2018

        Aye, sorry state of affairs all the same. I’d be mortified.

        – Esme Cloud

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  3. NeuroNotes
    August 2, 2018

    Pink, thank you for reblogging Swarn’s post and for the love. xx

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