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Our Very Own Honour Killings: 15enne uccide l’amico per un like su Facebook –

Un like di troppo e un commento, poco appropriato, sotto la foto di una ragazzina postata sul suo profilo Facebook, ha convinto Alex, 15 anni, che quello era uno sgarbo e quindi, andava lavato col sangue. Non importava se quel «mi piace» fosse stato cliccato dal suo migliore amico, Francesco Prestia, anche lui quindicenne.

Source: Omicidio Mileto: 15enne uccide l’amico per un like su Facebook –

Two best friends from Calabria, both 15 years old. One the son of a mafia family. Either Camorra or ‘Ndrangheta. One of them likes the photo of the other’s girlfriend on Facebook. He ends up dead in a field of olive trees. Three gunshot wounds. The killer says it was a matter of honour.

What’s interesting is although we prefer to see matters of male honour as something primitive that’s exclusive to other cultures, it’s alive and kicking (sometimes literally) in many western environments.

Funny isn’t it, how these things work. Apparently the fact that Melania and Ivanka didn’t cover their heads in Saudi Arabia was a great step for the advancement of women’s rights in the Middle East. The fact they were willing to cover their heads at the Vatican, on the other hand, was what exactly?

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15 comments on “Our Very Own Honour Killings: 15enne uccide l’amico per un like su Facebook –

  1. Liberty of Thinking - Moshe Ben Yehuda
    June 1, 2017

    Hahaha, just plain hypocrisy my friend, plain hypocrisy 👾

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    • Amusing, isn’t it? 😀

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      • Liberty of Thinking - Moshe Ben Yehuda
        June 1, 2017

        Up to a certain point, definitely… But since these people are supposed to be champions of fairness, it leaves one even more bitter, seeing once again that power is no more than knowing what to kiss and when, when to cheat and lie without being caught. I still can’t believe these people made it to the white house 😕

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  2. makagutu
    June 1, 2017

    This brings to mind the issue of habits won by Catholic nuns. What’s the difference between them and the tents Muslim women wear?

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  3. I’m so glad you wrote about this. I doubt is Melania has any religion at all but Ivanka is a practicing Orthodox Jew so why did they wear basically the veil when meeting the Pope?

    Michelle Obama did the same thing.

    They go veil-less when in Muslim countries but kowtow to the Catholic Popes? I don’t get it, it seems a major inconstancy to me. When I was young I would attend Catholic Church with my friend if I slept over on a Saturday night as her family went to mass on Sunday morning. We had to wear these little doilies on our heads. But then the Catholic faith changed and women no longer were required to cover their heads in church. So WHY does the Pope make this a rule for women? And why do women who are visiting him go along with it?

    It’s a major inconsistency if you ask me.

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  4. To many Italian men, especially from the south still proscribe to machismo, (macho). They are actually not that much different than the way devote Muslim men think of women. How sad, how very very sad that a Facebook ‘Like’ caused a deranged young man to kill another. Surely he is raised in a family of Machismo. Without that family dynamic no 15 year old would kill another for such an innocent gesture. It’s sad, it’s really really sad.

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  5. Helen Devries
    June 1, 2017

    The killings come from regarding women as male property….
    And why are cultures where men normally wear dresses so worried about the potential allure of women that they require them to wear winding sheets before they are dead in extreme cases and absurb lappets on their heads in the milder version.

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  6. acflory
    June 2, 2017

    Apologies, this is completely off topic, but just read that Trump has officially stepped away from the Paris Climate Change accord. This possibility was being discussed on the Aussie current affair show, The Drum, last night, and the consensus was that this might turn out to be a very good thing. The rationale was that the presence of an uncommitted or reluctant US would probably holds things back more than no presence at all.

    More importantly, the abdication of the US would give China a huge boost in its own attempts to curb climate change. Becoming the no.1 leader in the fight against climate change is both sexy and a position of strength vis-a-vis both diplomacy and trade.

    Finally, individual US states would still be free to continue their green policies, as would green companies such as Tesla. In the end, money will talk and the long term money is on renewables.

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    • …but the media gets more attention with breaking news banners and ticking clocks 😀
      Yesterday they were acting like Trump’s announcement was going to cause the immediate destruction of various coast lines 😀

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      • acflory
        June 2, 2017

        lol – I know! The truth is rarely sexy, but I, for one, am really looking forward to a world in which an emerging power has such compelling reasons to champion climate change. 🙂

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