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Life at № 42 by E.M. Coutinho

Matisse, Tiziano, Veronese & Diana Vreeland

Bacchus & Ariadne have just left. They’re on their way to Madrid where they’ll be restored by the exceptionally able hand who presided over much of the work at the Toledo Cathedral. After that the painting will go on its biggest journey thus far, all the way to Brazil, to join one of the country’s more important collections. In the top three is my guess.

Image result for matisse red room

The first two pictures on this post are of Diana Vreeland’s living room- heavily inspired, in my opinion, by Matisse. I’ve decided to join them and I’m transforming one of the rooms at number 42 into a Red Room. In the Russian taste. You know how there’s minimalist design? Well, my way is Maximalist Design.

I’ve bought a painting- although I haven’t decided yet if it’s business or pleasure. Follower of Veronese. Quite moody. Not quite the quality of the Bacchus & Ariadne, but interesting nonetheless.

Pictures coming in the next few days.


8 comments on “Matisse, Tiziano, Veronese & Diana Vreeland

  1. kjennings952
    February 26, 2017

    A red room in Monsieur M maximalist design? Sounds fantastic! Can’t wait to see it

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    • It’s half done but already looks exceedingly dramatic; and warm!

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      • kjennings952
        February 26, 2017

        Finding the right shade of red can be tough. I have a powder room in a deep red/almost burgundy–the patina’d copper sink and gilded mirror really look more dramatic against it. Take pics along the way!

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      • Red is notoriously difficult. The principal problem being changes in lighting. A shade that looks fantastic at night can look terribly garish during the day. Finding the *right* one is a nightmare.

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  2. midihideaways
    February 27, 2017

    looks and sounds very interesting! But I can’t help thinking of “who does the dusting” when looking at the pictures of Vreeland’s sitting room… 🙂

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  3. belasbrightideas
    February 28, 2017

    I once visited a wealthy female client whose entire home was themed Matisse. I never felt more relieved to leave someone’s house! Though she was a sweet enough lady, it just made me feel buried.

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    • The Pink Agendist
      March 1, 2022

      I’m late to some comments. I’m discovering the spam box. The Swarovski house in Marbella (Estepona) had a sublime Gaugin bathroom. It made one feel as if on acid in a painting!

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  4. Bela Johnson
    March 2, 2022

    Yeah, I think I could take a bathroom. But her whole house was done this way! Upstairs and down. I’d be acid acid tripping my balls off if I had to live in that house. 😵‍💫


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