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Things an agendist does when he’s bored: This is a Reince Priebus

Well, I was bored yesterday and so decided to make a joke (picture and all) out of the name of the current White House chief of staff . The people of twitter found it amusing and re-tweeted it tons. So here it is, this is the original Reince Priebus, a 19th century invention for multiple purposes. Whenever you hear the name, think about it 😀


19 comments on “Things an agendist does when he’s bored: This is a Reince Priebus

  1. inspiredbythedivine1
    February 4, 2017

    Excellent. Who the f**k names their kid, “Reince”?

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  2. appletonavenue
    February 4, 2017



  3. Hariod Brawn
    February 4, 2017

    Does one hand crank it oneself?

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  4. foolsmusings
    February 4, 2017

    Lather, Reince, re-Priebus.

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  5. john zande
    February 4, 2017

    Clean. Fresh. Fun!

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  6. acflory
    February 4, 2017

    -giggles- My Mum used to have one of those and it worked well…on egg whites. 🙂

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  7. belasbrightideas
    February 4, 2017

    And THAT is hilarious!! I almost bought one in a thrift shop just today! Funny.

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  8. karenjane
    February 5, 2017

    I have to be honest….I don’t understand this at all. So many other things are whizzing round my brain the more I read stuff the more muddled I get. I’ve never heard of the man with this ridiculous name (I know, I should Google him…probably will do later).

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  9. persedeplume
    February 5, 2017

    When I first heard Reince Priebus’s name on the telly I thought they said “rinse penis”, which is, I’m told, is always a good policy.

    How does one sort out the ei/ie rule for spelling his name? I’m confused.

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    • john zande
      February 5, 2017

      At least in Portuguese, it’s ei, which for some unknown reason always makes me giggle (sometimes uncontrollably) when I have to say it aloud.

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