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In case you missed it: Matt Frei

“Meet The Trumps: From Immigrant To President
Donald Trump is the 45th President of the United States and commander in chief of America’s armed forces, the most powerful position in the world. This documentary goes back to his roots, to reveal the story of his family. It reveals how Trump’s penniless German grandfather arrived in America in the 1880s, and ended up running bars and brothels in the gold rush. And how his Scottish mother travelled from the Outer Hebrides to New York and worked as a maid before marrying Donald’s tycoon father.

This was by Matt Frei/Channel 4 (UK) and it’s absolutely fascinating. Everything makes a bit more sense once one understands the family dynamics and history.

11 comments on “In case you missed it: Matt Frei

  1. inspiredbythedivine1
    February 2, 2017

    Fascinating piece. If you want to know how the Trump supporters I personally know in real life talk and think, read the comments on the You Tube channel where this video is posted. It’s disgusting, but all too common and real when it comes to tRump lovers.


    • Really? I never read those things, but now I’m curious.


      • inspiredbythedivine1
        February 2, 2017

        They’re quite telling as folks post anonymously. In particular, check out the comments using racial slurs. I had a guy recently, a Chicago cop, who drinks in the bar near my apt where I occasional go, going on and on about how much better off we are now that that “n” word son of a bitch is out of the White House and tRump’s in it.


      • clubschadenfreude
        February 2, 2017

        oh, you’ll regret that 🙂

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      • inspiredbythedivine1
        February 2, 2017

        Yes. You’ll need to shower afterwards.

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  2. acflory
    February 2, 2017

    The video is blocked for me, both here and on youtube. Thanks BBC. 😦


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