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From Istanbul to Moscow, cold snap wreaks havoc across Europe (PHOTOS) — RT News


“Bone-freezing cold, heavy snowstorms, and floods have been plaguing the European continent this week, causing power outages, traffic jams, cancelled flights, and even a stream of plastic eggs with toys washing up on a German island.”

Source: From Istanbul to Moscow, cold snap wreaks havoc across Europe (PHOTOS) — RT News

It’s been cold here too. Not -32 Moscow cold, but still. There were trees covered in frost on the Montagne Noire


Down here we had frost. I first noticed it on the roof of the Temple Neuf which is down the street

Then I went outside and there was also frost on the lawn.


Temperatures in Mazamet (centre) have been fluctuating between zero at night and around 6 to 8 C during the day. Much colder, obviously, up by the lake where the altitude is +700 metres (down here it’s 240.) We held out as long as we could but finally turned on the central heating. The hall was just too cold. It seems wasteful to heat such a large space (just over 60m2) which is just for passing through- but that’s part of the deal of living at a place like number 42. Anyway it’s not the end of the world. I have a friend who lives in a country house of glorious proportions in Britain and she resorts to wearing a fur coat (indoors) for much of the winter because her place is just impossible to heat. The ceilings are about 5 metres high.

13 comments on “From Istanbul to Moscow, cold snap wreaks havoc across Europe (PHOTOS) — RT News

  1. Steve Ruis
    January 9, 2017

    Egad! Frost? In January?

    As cold as it is currently in Chicago, it has been warmer than usually. Other than this current cold snap (artic air sweeping down from up North) there is almost no snow on the ground and no ice on the lake (almost).

    I wish they had named Climate Change ‘Weather Chaos’ instead. That is closer to what ordinary people will experience.

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  2. makagutu
    January 9, 2017

    You should find a way of sending a bit of that cold my way. Nairobi is so hot!

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  3. tildeb
    January 9, 2017

    Just in case an explanation is desired… the Jet Stream is created by the heat differential between polar and tropical air. When the planet’s atmosphere warms, this heat differential is less (involving rising and warming oceans and decreasing ocean salination). This has two effects on the atmosphere. The first is that the Jet Stream (the northern hemisphere band of air between the two that is the engine for the transportation of weather patterns from west to east) goes from being like a young age river – relatively straight and fast when the differential is greater – that moves weather patterns across the globe to an old age one – with much more pronounced loops that allows weather to hang around longer and ponderously travel across the globe. On the northern side of the loop we have colder air and related weather and on the southern side warmer air and related weather. As the planet heats, these waves of air (called Robsy waves) become more and more pronounced so we get great big loops that bring polar air far south where ‘unseasonably’ cold weather is suffered and and ‘unseasonably’ warm air reaches far north to be ‘enjoyed. This has profound effects not just on flora and fauna but profound challenges to human infrastructure built for a stable climate.

    This explanation may help to better understand why any weather ‘chaos’ that is created by this shift and speed of weather patterns is directly related and attributable to global warming that produces over time significant changes to ‘seasonal’ climate and severely stresses human infrastructure.

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    • acflory
      January 9, 2017

      That explanation really made sense. Thanks.


  4. belasbrightideas
    January 9, 2017

    Yes, the climate is changing, she says while sitting here in a sweatshirt w/hood in place and wool socks, cuddled up with a small warm dog. Luckily we have a manageable house now – not the huge marble-floored Taj we first built – I wouldn’t want to be in that place right now, even in Hawaii. Cold winter here! Aloha, MM 😉

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  5. acflory
    January 9, 2017

    We’re noticing some of these ‘swings’ south of the equator as well. Melbourne is supposed to be temperate, but even here we have been getting twinges of monsoonal weather, esp. this summer. Partly the effect of La Nina, I know, but still. 😦

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  6. Arkenaten
    January 10, 2017

    It was so cold here last night I had to get one of the dogs to lay across my feet for a couple of minutes when I first hopped into bed.

    I even contemplated closing the window, but couldn’t be bothered to get out of bed.

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  7. agrudzinsky
    January 10, 2017

    Don’t read RT. Russian propaganda will freeze your brain.

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  8. agrudzinsky
    January 10, 2017

    I noticed that cold weather descends from the Arctic on all sides of the globe. We have freezing temperatures in Oregon these days too.

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  9. kjennings952
    January 10, 2017

    Frost on the grass? Pshaw, nothing. It’s 0 degrees Fahrenheit here (before windchill), and more than a foot of snow. 4 weeks til Kauai!!!

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