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Lord Haw-Haw: How a Little Liar Sold the Biggest One – The Daily Beast

“While studying at the University of London in the early 1920s, Joyce became virulently anti-Semitic. Some say that when a leftist slashed his face from the edge of his lip to under his ear in a 1924 rumble, Joyce blamed a “Jewish communist” for scarring him permanently, intensifying his hatred. As with so many others, anti-Semitism became Joyce’s portal into a world of prejudices and conspiracies.”

Full text: Lord Haw-Haw: How a Little Liar Sold the Biggest One – The Daily Beast

Fantastic article on William Joyce, the Irish-American ideologue who became a major figure in WWII broadcasting. He was hanged in Britain in 46. Below is one of his broadcasts. He begins with, “To say the British Empire is in danger today would be a very feeble understatement…” Then just for fun there’s a video of the British making fun of Haw-Haw 😀

I think this is particularly interesting in the context of the post-election analysis. Whenever a major event occurs, we try to understand it, to explain it. Normal reaction. In that process we have to be careful not to take everything at face value. Well crafted propaganda is an extraordinarily effective thing. Just consider how many religious people there are in the world. Or how just two months before the election only 27% of Republicans agreed President Obama was born in the United States. If only one-third of a group is willing to acknowledge evidence we have to factor that into how they make their decisions.

14 comments on “Lord Haw-Haw: How a Little Liar Sold the Biggest One – The Daily Beast

  1. foolsmusings
    November 13, 2016

    Truth is again becoming whatever the populace will accept.

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  2. clubschadenfreude
    November 13, 2016

    thanks for the link. I’ve always been fascinated about the psychology of propaganda.

    and ugh ““Apart from my absolute belief in National Socialism and my conviction of Hitler’s superhuman heroism, I had always been attracted to Germany,”

    doesn’t that sound so very awfully familiar now?

    this is also an interesting article about propaganda and its intent:

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  3. Helen Devries
    November 13, 2016

    I see the same process taking place with the NHS…publicise its failings due to mismanagement and underfunding…and let Branson in by the back door…

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  4. Scottie
    November 14, 2016

    Thank you. I have not had the greatest education, and I really like learning of world history. I was once in an special operations training in Germany. I was in charge of the communications unit for a special operations group. I notices some very strange happening with our comms. and I took steps on my own to track it down. I found out a group was stepping on our signal and putting out false information. I reported it to the highest authority I had , the colonel in charge of the operation. He asked me a bunch of questions, mostly had any of the officers in the operation seen this effect or knew about it. I said no , I found it and then came right to him. He then asked me to forget it. I was stunned. He explained it was our own people, the CIA running a operation and the goal was to see of the officers in my special operations command could figure it out. I said I had not told them so who would they know. HE told me they should know if their orders were not being heard, if they were asked repeatedly to send the instructions again, if the troops under them in the exercise were doing things not in their instructions. He ordered me not to tell the officers what I had found, gave me a letter of citation and I got a operational coin for the task. What surprised me was the degrees of psychological warfare was being used, the things being put out by our side. I was simply a smart young kid who understood electronics, the rest shocked me. Thanks again. Hugs

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    • docatheist
      November 14, 2016

      Now, that is an impressive bit of history, and all the moreso because you experienced it and get to tell it directly.

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      • Scottie
        November 14, 2016

        Thank you. I was a young kid who did not even realize the things going on around him, and the importance of them. Hugs


      • docatheist
        November 14, 2016

        And hugs back to you.

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  5. docatheist
    November 14, 2016

    Apparently, Haw-Haw still has a following: Notice the number of thumbs-up, the name of the YouTube channel on which this video is posted, and the poster’s own comment in the video description.


  6. makagutu
    November 14, 2016

    When you are on a roll, you are on a good roll. Another great piece.
    I think it is Tolstoy in War and Peace who says that we are always trying to explain history through different lenses, sometimes looking for ultimate causes, sometimes looking at who did what and mostly looking at history through a very narrow window.

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  7. belasbrightideas
    November 15, 2016

    “If only one-third of a group is willing to acknowledge evidence we have to factor that into how they make their decisions.”

    Good point.

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