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Life at № 42 by E.M. Coutinho

The Before


A friend from England just sent us this amazing picture. If you look closely, you’ll note number 42 doesn’t yet exist! Its future spot is where I’ve labelled Stanton 42.


The change is shocking. All that land around the Olombel house (château) has been built on. There are four quite attractive mansions and four apartment blocks (each containing 4 to 6 apartments). The Vidal garden has been broken up and there are now four more houses on it. And where the Cormouls house once stood there are now seven homes! Here’s now:


19 comments on “The Before

  1. acflory
    September 14, 2016

    What a wonderful gift. You have to make sure you leave something just as wonderful for a future Pinky to find. A time capsule perhaps? Once No. 42 is exactly the way you want it, you could photograph/video everything and set it aside for posterity. And before you scoff…why not?

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    • You know the giant house that used to be behind number 42 (Cormouls)- the owner had it demolished on his death!!! Isn’t that amazing?
      Whomever gets number 42 in the future will get (and hopefully pass down) everything I put in here!


      • acflory
        September 14, 2016

        That’s horrible, Pinky. What a sad, miserable person the owner of Cormouls must have been. We are only the custodians of beauty. What a bastard to destroy something lovely. 😦

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      • We’ve been engaged in serious debate n the matter for days!!! What if demolishing and land dismemberment was the most profitable option for his children?


      • acflory
        September 15, 2016

        Don’t use pragmatism against me! If it were a toss up between my child and my house, clearly the child would win hands down but…a part of me would still hope the child in question would cherish that house and keep it going.

        Okay, I’ve just branded myself a hopeless optimist but you did ask. 😦


    • P.S. I’m having this blown up professionally so I can frame it 🙂


  2. john zande
    September 14, 2016

    Like watching a cancer spread 😦

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  3. Helen Devries
    September 16, 2016

    I wonder what the departmental archive holds about the dismemberment…


    • Do you think there could be something interesting as in non-technical?

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      • Helen Devries
        September 16, 2016

        Yes….I used to check out the history of places we bought and found that in some cases family archives existed…a bit luck of the draw, but worth a look and the bods who work there are usually enthusiasts.

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