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New Feminism – via Unapologetics

by Agrudzinsky

“Based on the newest French initiative, I propose a new way to eliminate oppression of the women in our civilized society.  Oppressed women shall be fined.  There must be zero tolerance for all forms of women’s oppression. Oppressed women must absolutely stop being oppressed or they shall be banned from all public places including beaches, schools, and government institutions.  Those who do not share our secular Christian values and continue to be oppressed must live in a ghetto so that they do not spoil the happiness and liberty of our society.”

Source: New Feminism – Unapologetics

I couldn’t be happier Agrudzinsky wrote this because it condenses and clarifies the issue in the best possible way.

The burkini matter is one of those cases where some well intentioned people propose solutions that aren’t real solutions. Sometimes they even do it eloquently as was the case with The Burkini of Bernarda Alba. Much of what Lozano says is true, but liberation by force is, at its heart, a ridiculous idea.

18 comments on “New Feminism – via Unapologetics

  1. carlalouise89
    August 24, 2016

    I just want to check, because while it seems freaking obvious, there’s a lot of stupid people out there. This is satire, right? Like what I’d find on The Onion? I mean, that’s how I read it … but I’ve been surprised/shocked before when things weren’t a satirical joke and people were serious.

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    • LOL. Yes, it is satire 😀

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      • carlalouise89
        August 24, 2016

        Cool! I figured as much, because you reblogged it and I know you’re not like that, but then I wondered if you were taking the piss like Ben likes to do, and didn’t want to like the original post if I was missing something! Thanks! Also, love it!


    • Hariod Brawn
      August 24, 2016

      Brilliantly self-satirical. XD

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    • agrudzinsky
      August 24, 2016

      You never know. There is Poe’s law about that. “I was being sarcastic (obviously), but not all that sarcastic” (c). Apparently, there are people who seriously believe in this nonsense.

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      • carlalouise89
        August 25, 2016

        I know! Sometimes, it’s so hard to tell, I feel like you actually have to check.

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  2. inspiredbythedivine1
    August 24, 2016



  3. agrudzinsky
    August 24, 2016
  4. acflory
    August 25, 2016



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  6. Linn
    August 26, 2016

    The best satire is the one that is close enough to reality as to make it impossible to tell the difference.

    Note: I want to clarify before I start on my rant that I consider myself a feminist, and a look at some of my other posts on this blog should prove that. I just dislike some of the more radical ones and the ones that actually infantilize women.

    I think the whole burkini ban is a good example of feminism turning into misogyny. The idea seems to be that women are incapable of ever deciding for themselves how to live their lives. Many women are unfortunately being forced to cover themselves, but to state that women can’t ever choose it, is a form of sexism.

    Women are individuals. Some may choose to wear a burkini. To say that they are all forced to by men is a way of saying that all women are weak and unable to make decisions for themselves. Then there’s the matter of all the “western women” that also choose to skip showers after gym class (this is becoming a problem in norwegian schools actually), or are afraid to be seen by other women in the changing room. Those are examples of women being afraid to show other women their bodies. I wonder if the radical feminists think those women are being oppressed by men too, even though not a single man is present in those cases.

    As a side note, was just reading a thread on another forum and stumbled upon a true regressive feminist man.
    Just want to remind you men that we love you supporting us in our cause for equality, but many of us despise self hatred in all its form. The guy whose comments shocked me basically stated that he divided the world into male and female, and only the females deseved his “devotion”. He also seemed to harbour the illusion that all women are good. Unfortunately the thread was old, so I was unable to give him the multitude of examples of women abusing children, female murderers and women perpetrating FGM on their daughters.

    I think self hatred shocks me more than prejudice from the “outside group” does.
    I wonder if others also feel like this? As a question to our gracious host, would you consider a self loathing homosexual homophobe to be better or worse than a straight homophobe?

    I’m more saddened by self hating women than by misogynistic MRAs for instance. So I’m also saddened by self hating men. Men and women are both capable of good and bad, and should all be treated as individuals, not only categorised according to genitalia.

    Sorry for my long rant. I’m simply incapable of limiting myself.

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    • In my experience the self loathing variety of people tend to be particularly vicious. That’s because there’s a sense that if one is part of a group they’re entitled to eviscerate it.


      • Linn
        August 27, 2016

        I completely agree. There are some jewish holocaust deniers out there for example. Some neonazis like to point to them and say, ” Look, even the jews agree it didn’t happen”. In the same way, I’m sure some regressive feminists would point to self loathing men and claim it as proof that all men are intrinsically bad.

        Though, while reading through my post again today, I was struck by the irony of the possibility that the regressive feminist’s posts may have been somewhat satirical or intentional hyperbole.
        As I stated in my first sentence, the best satire is close to reality. Since I’ve encountered some true man-hating feminists before (of both genders), I may have jumped to conclusions too quickly on that one, but the guy seemed completely unhinged anyway, writing even longer and more rambling posts than my own. 😛
        I find that there’s a serious problem separating satire from reality these days.

        A few years ago I stumbled upon a blog (that I’ve mercifully forgotten the name of) that was so utterly insane that I thought it was pure trolling at first.
        It was a guy that thought he was a super-human, thought women shouldn’t be allowed to vote, thought watching TV would turn women into men and he was of course also an anti-vaxxer.
        He also had serious sexual issues (almost all his posts talked about the ‘”icky” gays and transgender people) including the belief that Obama had been a teenage whore and that Martin Luther King had been in charge of sex parties with little boys.
        It was a fascinating read, and truly made me realize that madness and satire are too close to tell (like Agrudzinsky’s great satire is an example of).
        It’s the same problem with Trump. Many of his followers claim that he is only trolling or exaggerating, but how can we know?

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  7. docatheist
    August 26, 2016

    “The beatings will continue until morale improves!”

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  8. I follow a really interesting person on Twitter, a woman in Saudi Arabia whose father is a tyrant yet remains her legal guardian.

    Every woman must have a male legal guardian in Saudi ArBIA. Her father is an asshole and has crushed so many of her dreams. DO, DO Listen to this, just listen.
    This is podcast Number 1.

    She is on her own with just a few friends, pushing back against male guardianship laws controlling women. I listened to her interview yesterday,
    and today she tweeted out the regulations if a woman wants to leave the university premises before 12pm (noon).
    National ID Card
    Family Card
    University ID
    Driver’s Residence Permit
    Your printed class schedule
    Male Guardian Permission with signature or fingerprint.


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