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Must read: Black Lives Matter and the Facts of Life | Envisioning The American Dream

Earlier that year, a Negro family had moved into our lily-white neighborhood, with a son just my age. Ensconced in their newly built American Dream split level with the immaculate manicured lawn, I never imagined their lives proceeded differently from mine. After all, his mother shopped at the same local Food Fair, his dentist dad religiously mowed the lush front lawn, and Roger their son bedecked in Henley shirts and perma-press pants seemed to fit right in. They certainly didn’t seem excluded from the American dream.

Source: Black Lives Matter and the Facts of Life | Envisioning The American Dream

10 comments on “Must read: Black Lives Matter and the Facts of Life | Envisioning The American Dream

  1. Cara
    July 11, 2016

    In Brooklyn, NY, in 2016, it’s segregated…but not really. There’s no “whites only” drinking fountains. No “white school” where blacks are forcibly kept out. But whites with money can afford to live in all-white neighborhoods, send their kids to private schools (while blacks who don’t have as much money go to public school). The house I grew up in (and still live in, because the price is right) was in an Italian & Irish neighborhood 40 years ago when my parents moved in. Now there are Hispanics, Middle Eastern people, Asians, Eastern Europeans, and not as many Italians or Irish. The hipsters have also started to move in (they’re everywhere). My parents would tell me (even now when I’m a grown woman of 39) “don’t go” to Brownsville (a heavily black neighborhood) because they think such a neighborhood must be a high crime area…they have illegal cable, unpaid parking tickets, find every loophole come tax time, and think “the other people” are the criminals. The problem with the American dream is what “decent, American people” like my parents do to convolute it.

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  2. foolsmusings
    July 11, 2016

    Maybe I’m a bit sheltered where I live, but for the most part I work with and live near people of all races. When I go for my walks I see what, at least at a glance, looks like tight knit multi ethnic groups of kids. I treat people of all ethnicities the same. My boyfriend is Filipino. I just don’t understand why people choose to hate people for no real reason. It’s not that I’m the most tolerant person, if someone is an asshole I tend to treat them that way. I don’t care what race, religion or any other perceived grouping they belong to. I just don’t get it.

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  3. silenceofmind
    July 11, 2016

    Back in 1964 when Democrat President Lyndon Johnson was planning the “War on Poverty,” he quipped…

    …”I’ll have the niggers voting Democrat for the next 200 years.”

    It was the Democrat Party that fought bitterly to keep blacks enslaved and it was the military arm of the Democrat Party, the KKK that murdered and terrorized free black people once they were free.

    It was the Democrat Party that enticed millions and millions of poor, underprivileged black people into concentrations camps euphemistically called, “The Projects,” and now rightly called inner city ghettos.

    The National People’s Workers Party of 1940’s Germany had to round of the Jews by force to get them into ghettos like Warsaw.

    But the genius of the Democrat Party fascists is that they got an entire race of people to voluntarily move themselves into ghettos.

    And what is even greater genius is that over 90% of the black race in the United States votes Democrat every election day.


  4. Linn
    July 12, 2016

    Racism is still alive and well here in Europe too. I lived several years in Poland, in a city where you could count the number of black people on one hand. They were all foriegn students, like my friend for instance. I could always spot her a mile off because the rest of the crowd were all white.

    Because she was a girl, she didn’t experience being stopped by police or people finding her threatening. Instead there was another form of racism where she was treated as some exotic animal. Old women would stop and stroke her hair, old men would kiss her hand. For those people, seeing a black person was the highlight of their day. Black people are still seen as “others”, both in USA and Europe.

    The fact described in the article, that people have actually been killed by police for minor traffic infractions is insane.
    Luckily, here in Norway, police don’t carry guns when stopping cars.
    As an anxious person in general, I’m already terrified of being stopped by the police in routine controls. If I knew they were carrying guns, I would never drive a car again. I just don’t understand how americans are able to live like that. I suppose they don’t care as long as only black people are being killed. It’s sad.


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