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The Mask You Live In – Coalition of the Brave. The harm patriarchy inflicts on… men.

Video post.

Source: The Mask You Live In – Coalition of the Brave

3 comments on “The Mask You Live In – Coalition of the Brave. The harm patriarchy inflicts on… men.

  1. foolsmusings
    July 6, 2016

    Wow I like it. It cuts right to the heart of the problems in society today.

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  2. Clare Flourish
    July 6, 2016

    Oh, you should read my blog.

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  3. Linn
    July 7, 2016

    I’ve never understood the men that are constantly blaming feminism for their troubles when it’s actually other men that fight against them.
    Like the issue with boys doing badly in school. A lot of people are claiming it’s because of female teachers and the “horrible feminisation” of the school system.
    The thing is, guys have always been bullying each others if they do well in school. They have called each other nerds and geeks. They’ve always ganged up on the smartest kid in school while fawning over the athletes. Is it any wonder boys don’t want to do well in school? And yet they dare blame feminism?

    I was also reminded of this when visiting the forum of some silly multiplayer game just now. That forum reminded me of why I only play single player. One guy dared to make a post asking people to be more polite online and stop asking him to kill himself, calling him fag and jew etc. Guess what replies he got in return.
    A bunch of males calling him fag and sissy and asking him to kill himself.
    And yet, the MRAs dare blame feminists for increasing male suicide!

    The impression among many teenage boys that you have to be an emotionless sociopath to be “manly” is causing so much grief among both boys and girls.
    There’s a lot of talk about frustrated white males. I think much of the reason they’re frustrated is because, throughout all their childhood and teenage years, they get the impression that they have to be complete jerks in order to be manly.
    When they then grow up, they find that liberated, independent women don’t fall for jerks. Here in Norway, many of these guys end up going to Thailand to find a wife threre (and a representative majority of women in crisis center are women from asian regions marrying these type of guys). Some of them end up on message boards talking about the evils of feminism. And a few, unfortunately, commit suicide or end up as murderers.

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