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Almost as difficult to get rid of as the super-gonorrhea her husband got at ex-gay camp!

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The title is a joke, obviously; I say this for legal reasons 🙂

She’s baa-aack.

Yesterday I was given the news that Katy Faust of Grace Church Seattle was back to the blog-world. For a second I wondered if she’d finally been able to fabricate a moral compass and a conscience- the kind that would make her capable of making a positive impact on the world. Ethics in hand she could be back to show support for the 16 year old girl from Rio who was raped by no less than 30 men a few days ago. Perhaps she’d decry a culture in which men not only did this, but proudly posted a video of it on social media.

Or it might be something else all together. Considering the number of recent cases of uxoricide- maybe Mrs. Faust was back on the internet to discuss the Oregon man who allegedly stabbed his wife to death. Or the Hindu man who killed his wife because he thought she might have been unfaithful. Or the Agra man who murdered his wife for refusing sex. Or the case of the Saudi man who shot his wife after a heated argument. Those are just some of the many uxoricide stories of the past 10 days. Being a terribly loud supporter of traditional marriage, I wonder how she proposes to fix this very heterosexual and traditional problem?

It turns out she’s interested in none of that. Mrs. Faust, armed with the morality imparted by Grace Church Seattle has returned to denounce the media! For not putting a spotlight on the subjugation of women within the traditional marriage structure? Of course not. Her bête noire this week is censorship- or more precisely a newspaper’s right to publish a story on the alleged consensual liaisons of a gay celebrity couple. A truly pressing issue in this day and age- somewhere between the war in Syria, the migration crisis, the spread of the Zika virus and rape epidemics in several third world countries.

And I leave you with this


38 comments on “Almost as difficult to get rid of as the super-gonorrhea her husband got at ex-gay camp!

  1. inspiredbythedivine1
    May 27, 2016

    I feel another post coming about this intellectual giant of a woman.

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  2. metan
    May 27, 2016

    Nice to see she still has he finger on the pulse of what really matters. 😦

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  3. clubschadenfreude
    May 27, 2016

    ah. another TrueChristian woman who must protest but cannot get those miracle powers to actually work and help people.

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  4. acflory
    May 27, 2016

    -face palm- How nice to know there are such altruistic, caring people in the world. However did we manage without her?

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    • Amazing, isn’t it? She must have a ton of free time on her hands. Otherwise how would she be able to dedicate so much energy to destructive propaganda and futile pursuits?


      • acflory
        May 28, 2016

        Ah but she probably sees this as ‘working from home’….


  5. john zande
    May 27, 2016

    Nicely framed, sir. Nicely framed, indeed.

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  6. Cara
    May 27, 2016

    First impression, Pastor Faust is gay like Marcus Bachman. As for his post about how church saved him from Playboy…I believe in safe sex (whether you’re gay or straight) & what’s safer than looking at a magazine?

    Mrs. Faust is head, neck, & shoulders up her own ass.

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  7. josh
    May 27, 2016

    Gay relationships are often not monogamous. Know what other kind of relations are also often* not monogamous? Straight ones. The difference is that gays are more upfront about it, rather than sneaking around, usually behind the back of their partner. Faust (and people like her probably self-loathing gay friend, Paddy) like to make believe that this is just something dirty gay men do.

    *My fiancee and I each have a parent who cheated, leading to divorce. The news is full of heterosexual infidelity… often on the part of “family values” conservative men! And of course, Jay Z. True monogamy does exist, but not to the extent society likes to think it does.

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  8. makagutu
    May 27, 2016

    And there is or the case of the Saudi man who shot a doc who helped his wife deliver.

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  9. Oh wow, I went and look at her husband’s blog, I can’t remember reading it before. But I can assure you it is a work of fiction. Lying for Jesus is STILL lying!

    First of all I’ve been to Boulder, it is a very nice very safe and very wealthy community. Remember Jon-Bennet Ramsey? Yeah his school is right in the center of a very very wealthy neighborhood, right where the wealthy Ramsey’s lived. So this part has to be complete fiction. First off the class size, that has got to be a lie. Student classrooms are not physically big enough to hold 53 students much less 53 2nd, or 3rd or 4th grade school children.

    Next State’s have Education Laws that limit class size. It is against the law to have one class with 53 students, I am a lot older than Mr Faust and even when I was a child the State regulated what was the maximum number of students per classroom teacher and it has never ever been even close to 53 students.So that part is a lie.

    Next, I do not believe that a public school teacher asked a room full of students if their parents were married or not. BUT even if the teacher did, in wealthy Bolder Colorado it would have never ever to this day been 50 to 3, 50 kids living in homes without a married mom & dad and 3 children living in a home with a married mom & dad. The school is located just 10 blocks from the very picturesque University of Colorado Boulder, again it is in a very nice neighborhood.

    Just go read the statistics on the school,
    It is ranked better than 87% of all elementery schools in Colorado. Only 13% reveive a free or reduced lunch (and remember this is right next to the State’s flagship University so no doubt osme kids have parents who are low income university students.
    Just go read the stats on his school,

    Here this was obviously his neighborhood, as you can walk to Flatirons Elementary school,
    They are advertising it for $750,000 as a tear down, basically the value of the land.

    See, as far back as 1978 Boulder is a VERY nice community.Hardly the type of community where children go to an at a minimum upper middle class public elementary school with an astounding 53 Students n a classroom and where MOST of the parents, and overwhelming percentage of the parents, are raising children un married.
    Boulder is well known for hosting the 10k run every year since 1978, the Bolder Boulder, on Memorial Day. The race involves over 50,000 runners, joggers, walkers and wheelchair racers, making it one of the largest road races in the world!

    What else? Oh yes he writes how his mom had him walk a WHOLE 3 blocks to a babysitter after kindergarten. In a nice safe neighborhood, which is what he lived in I would have done it myself too. My daughter walked to kindergarten with a next door neighbor who was in her class, and it was more than 3 blocks, it was a nice safe neighborhood. Boy his mother seems wicked and reckless doesn’t she?

    “My mom thought it was important to buddy up with other kids for protection. And so she would talk to other parents and often I would walk with other kids in the same predicament and we would stop off at their house on the way (usually to go to the bathroom or get a snack), but often their parents weren’t home either. ”

    So he says, “all before 1984 (I was nine years old). And this……….was “normal.” So he was born then in 1975, and started school in 1980. Trust me in 1980 there were nO 52 students per classroom, teachers did NOT poill their students on their parents marital status and basically I think he writes a mediocre work of fiction here.

    This is kind of a slap in your face insult to working mothers everywhere,
    as if WE don’t Love OUR children,
    “I noticed something different in all three of those homes: their moms were home waiting for them and they were loved.”
    Here he is saying working moms don’t literally LOVE their children like stay at home Christian moms do.

    The rest of his article is pure pablum. “Only Christian” families are nice families, any family that isn’t Christians are thugs, dopers, losers.

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  10. IF Mr Katy Faust IS gay chances are his marriage will fall about 15 to 20 years in. He will meet a man, innocently, he will meet a man who will sweep him off of his feet and will not be able to resist.

    Why do you think she keeps pushing on “No Divorce” and “Kids need a mom AND a Dad” is it iher very public way to privately pressure her husband to tow the hetro married line is my guess. Even though that is most likely not his natural of relationships. As long as she is a public figure it kind of forces him to walk the line.

    I can’t stand any of this group, all the ones who circle around Robert Oscar Lopez. Which reminds me I should go check his blog. The Southwest Baptist Seminary put on their website that he is hired starting in August to teach Literature/English. I believe his last day of school might be today, the last Friday before Memorial day is a term end for a lot of non flagship State Universities. I imagine he is going to leave an EPIC rant on his blog once he collects his last paycheck.

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    • etseq97
      May 28, 2016

      Have you run across his podcast – cogwatch or something similar. I can’t bring myself to listen to it – he really creeps me out….

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    • It’s a very disturbed group of people. The ex-gay mindset is incredibly destructive. Lopez, in particular, seems entirely unhinged.
      Imagine a world in which you form a social identity by constantly bashing an aspect of your personal identity. It’s self-flagellation.

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      • Linn
        May 31, 2016

        I’ve never understood these type of people. If you believe in God then clearly God made you they way you are. Maybe God is trying to make a point.
        It reminds me of that creepy Milo guy that is a homophobic homosexual (I’ve tried to forgot the guy since I heard about him a few years ago but the twat keeps being mentioned on which I frequent).
        From what I know he’s a believer, but keeps hating on his own sexuality. Doesn’t it ever occur to these people that God made them homosexual? I can imagine a god yelling at these people: “I made you gay so you wouldn’t be such a bigoted twat you idiot!!”

        I suppose some people would be self loathing, even if religion was wiped from the world, but the belief in an all-knowing, all-bigoted god is certainly not helping.


  11. docatheist
    May 27, 2016

    Mr. Merveilleux wrote, above, ” Apparently church “protected him from exposure to Playboy and such.”- and it made him stop throwing things at cars.”

    I couldn’t get the reply in there, so here it is:

    Sure, but is Faust’s husband still chasing those cars and barking at them?

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    • docatheist
      May 27, 2016

      Darn. It was a much funnier punchline, envisioned above. Sorry folks. Now you know why I’m not a stand-up comic.

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  12. Oh yes, ROL wrote his swan song, however notice how he doesn’t mention in his article how he already has a new job, is hired?
    This was tweeted out April 13th

    By failing to mention this germane point he draws a lot of sympathy from the readers who all think he is out on the street, out of a job. He’s such a con artist, man he is just trolling for attention and sympathy.


  13. theoccasionalman
    May 29, 2016

    I just got not-quite-fired from a Christian school for being gay, so I can say some very unkind things, but they may not be logical or fair. “Won’t someone please think of the children?”

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  14. docatheist
    May 29, 2016

    That is very bad news. I hope a better situation turns up for you, and fast. I doubt the children will be so lucky.

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