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Christie’s NY: The Joan Rivers Sale

“As the first female host of a late night network television talk show, well-known for her co-hosting of E!’s Fashion Police and her acerbic but honest and clever remarks, the iconic native-New Yorker Joan Rivers stood for legendary entertainment and eclectic tastes. From her coveted collection of pieces from Fabergé, Harry Winston and Chanel to a Tiffany dog bowl and silk pagoda dog bed, the offerings from her collection show both sides of her personality: the exuberant energy and the refined connoisseur. Christie’s New York is proud to present the lesser known elements behind the distinguished Rivers in both online and live sales, with some of the proceeds to be donated to charity. Viewings in New York begin on June 17. In the meantime, please browse the sale online and explore our related features.”

Source: Christie’s

10 comments on “Christie’s NY: The Joan Rivers Sale

  1. Cara
    May 19, 2016

    June 17th at Christie’s…I can’t NOT go (the fact that I can’t afford any of it doesn’t stop me from looking).

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    • The 17th is just the viewing, so nobody’s buying anything… and no one knows what you can or can’t afford 😉 If you can, go on the first day, that’s usually the best, and sometimes auction houses serve drinks and canapes 😀

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      • Cara
        May 19, 2016

        Oh if there’s food I HAVE TO go


      • I’m not sure about this one in particular- but usually for the more important auctions you get a little something 🙂

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      • Cara
        May 19, 2016

        Either way, it’s worth going just for the art collection


  2. karenjane
    May 19, 2016

    I only like a few of the Art Nouveau brooches, & some of the Faberge. All of which are too expensive for me.I dropped a few hints to husband, but he said I don’t wear all the jewellery I have, so no point in buying more. (the man has no soul) I enjoyed looking at it all, & dreaming.

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