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Roy Moore may be removed from AL Supreme Court!!!

“The Southern Poverty Law Center continues its quest to remove Alabama Supreme Court Chief Justice Roy Moore from the bench. Today they moved one step closer. The Alabama Judicial Inquiry Committee reviewed the group’s ethics complaints against Moore and decided there was enough evidence to officially file ethics charges against him. The SPLC filed the complaints after Moore refused to allow same-sex marriage in the state despite a federal mandate.”

Source: Roy Moore may be removed from AL Supreme Court

3 comments on “Roy Moore may be removed from AL Supreme Court!!!

  1. inspiredbythedivine1
    May 7, 2016

    I love SPLC. Great guys doing great work.

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  2. Sirius Bizinus
    May 7, 2016

    This will be the 2d time Roy’s been taken off the bench. I’m hoping this time they’ll actually yank his license so he can’t get back on it.

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  3. Kiss my grits Roy


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