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Doodling Floor Plans

Okay- I’ve been doodling and doodling to see what I could actually come up with for the currently unused atelier area. If you don’t recall, it looks like this:
gferret (6)

The total (interior) floor area is 125 m2. Compact, but enough for three bedrooms and an open plan living area. After much erasing and moving imaginary walls in my mind, these are my two favourite ideas. The diagonal lines are areas that give access to the rest of the building so you can ignore those spaces.


Main Advantages: open plan space, floors all on one level

Disadvantages: master bedroom only has a shower room, limited storage, you walk straight into the living room


Advantages: kitchen uses wall at strange angle (otherwise useless space), master bed has larger bathroom + walk in closet. you walk into a hallway.

Disadvantages: feels smaller because kitchen is semi-enclosed (but also more private and also at the entrance making it more practical), floors on two levels (steps down from the kitchen and hallway)

Obvious problem in both designs is no guest wc. 



10 comments on “Doodling Floor Plans

  1. Hariod Brawn
    March 1, 2016

    Hmm . . . walking straight into the lounge off the street, and sitting on sofas by the entrance, may very well not feel good, as you say. That would turn me off if I were a potential owner or renter – the deal-breaker. If the living room is still a half-decent size, then I think the lower plan clearly the better.

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  2. foolsmusings
    March 1, 2016

    Umm…is the crucifix staying? :p

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  3. andreajeffery
    March 1, 2016

    The bottom option is better. Two levels might be nice for volume in the space and visual interest. A closed off kitchen is the worst thing, it gives a sense of privacy. It’s hard to tell but would there be enough space in the kitchen to not enclose it and add a peninsula or small island?

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    • Mr. Merveilleux
      March 1, 2016

      In the 2nd plan the kitchen would be open to the dining area. The only wall being the one separating it from the entrance hall. We could do away with the entrance hall, but then waking into an apartment through the kitchen doesn’t seem that nice. Or am I being picky?


      • andreajeffery
        March 1, 2016

        Not being picky at all. I’ve walked into homes that enter through the kitchen and they’re not appealing. You have no entry that way. Closing off the hall you could get creative with the lighting, is a sky light in the budget? Maybe some recessed up lights along the base of the hall to add a dramatic touch (just throwing things out there). Being picky, I think, leads to a well thought out design. Sorry for misreading your plans!

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  4. Helen Devries
    March 1, 2016

    Suggest your tenants copy Kenneth Williams and refuse to allow visitors to use the loo.
    As you are intent on a hallway what about having the master bedroom as on plan 2 and the other two bedrooms where the kitchen and dining area are leaving the access to the garden for the kitchen, dining and living areas? Or is there a problem with light in those two bedrooms following this idea?


  5. Well hallways waste space, so I would eliminate as many hallways as possible, enter the bedrooms via a door right off the living room or kitchen.
    Therefore I would flip flop the 2 bedrooms and the kitchen in the lower drawing.
    The back of the apartment would be the kitchen & the living room, so they have access to the deck. The front of the apartment, as shown in drawing 2 would be the bedrooms. I would consider installing windows above the doors to let natural light into the bedrooms but then nobody sees in as they are installed above the doors, I assume you have high ceilings?

    Not every bedroom has to have it’s own bathroom, I don’t know the dimensions but even if you have to have a down the hall bathroom, nothing wrong with that. Don’t know if you can squeeze in a master bath and another bathroom. Easiest and cheapest is to simply drop the private bath in tHe Master Bedroom concept. Let it go, one nice bathroom for the family, I have lived in a lot of homes without a private master bath. If you have to steal a little bit of square feet from the left hand wall of the lower drawing to make a sufficient bedroom, that’s okay. It’s hard since you do not provide the dimensions of the unit.

    I other words I would make as much of that back wall that adjoins the terraces, I would make that all living room and open kitchen to the living room. Also, pantries are really nice and you save money by not having to buy as many kitchen cabinets, just provide open shelving in the pantry. I would put a pantry/huge closet on the right hand wall behind the kitchen, then hang the kitchen cabinets in the kitchen off that pantry/closet wall.

    In the United States you would not have these options as every bedroom must have 2 exists, or two doors, or a door and a window.


  6. wcs
    March 2, 2016

    Second plan: flip your kitchen so that the counters form a barrier between it and the LR. Then they’re at right angles and there’s a natural separation. It makes a nice open plan, then you can shorten the wall between the kitchen and entry to make the entry more compact, but separate from the kitchen, too.


  7. theoccasionalman
    March 6, 2016

    I don’t have a problem walking directly into the living room from the street. The lack of guest WC is a bigger problem for me, as I don’t like people walking through my bedroom. It wouldn’t be an issue in a 1-bed flat because our expectations are different, but with three bedrooms, it’s more important. It could be obviated by having only two bedrooms and having the not-master bath open onto the now larger living area, but if you need the three bedrooms, I don’t know if there’s a good solution.

    I love open-plan living spaces.

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