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Diary of the Oppressive White Male


I read something appalling yesterday. Of course I understand that when people are young, they see the world in the first person. All that exists, only exists in relation to the self. One’s own issues can be overwhelming- and so it’s easy to look for people to blame; and in the case at hand, needlessly victimize another human being.

In a post titled “Male pretendbian running for NUS women’s officer“, a lesbian female goes on to verbally assault (and ridicule) a transgender woman for not being a “real woman” or a “real lesbian.” Apparently her test of womanhood is menstruation. Her oppressed existence is the only variety of oppressed existence- and no one else in the world, unless they stand in her shoes, has any clue as to what oppression could be. Certainly not a white male like me.

You know, the sort of white male who was born on the heels of one military dictatorship and straight into another. Media controls, financial controls, police (regularly) stopping people to check their papers for no reason, no imported products, governments blocking bank accounts- ah yes, and let’s not mention the role of gay men in post-military, highly patriarchal and profoundly Catholic societies. A veritable paradise? Obviously white men who lived through that can’t possibly fathom what oppression even looks like.

But, back to the point. The author of the post in question decries the fact that a trans woman can run in an election for a post called National Union of Students’ Women’s Officer. The reasoning being that a trans woman doesn’t menstruate? Doesn’t understand oppression? That gender at birth defines a person’s ability for empathy? Should legal cases only be assigned to judges of the same gender as the plaintiff? Or the defendant?

Whilst Purple Sage thinks she’s promoting feminism, she’s doing quite the contrary. She’s proposing the same sort of hierarchical (oppressive) system as patriarchy, the only difference being that the central figure is female rather than male. Hardly what Olympe de Gouges had in mind when she wrote the iconic Declaration of the Rights of Woman and the Female Citizen. The truly great feminists, like de Gouge and de Beauvoir, argued for a world of equal citizenship and citizenhood. One where gender is not the factor according to which rights are allocated. Deviation from that fundamental principle will invariably lead to other variations of discrimination.


15 comments on “Diary of the Oppressive White Male

  1. Cara
    February 23, 2016

    Oh yeah, because I just feel so goddamn ladylike every 28 days when blood comes out my hoo-ha.

    Seriously, that’s the test of what makes a “real” woman? Then I guess we should call my 70 year old post-menopausal mother “sir”. Are we happy now.

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  2. acflory
    February 24, 2016

    “The truly great feminists, like de Gouge and de Beauvoir, argued for a world of equal citizenship and citizenhood.”
    In my book that’s called being a humanist. It’s also called being a decent human being. Discrimination exists. Why do we have to add to it?

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  3. karenjane
    February 24, 2016

    How on earth would Purplesage classify me? Premature menopause when I was 14.
    I do love it when you cause a bit of bother on blogs 🙂

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  4. Did you ever here of TERFs? They are very scary.
    Trans Exclusive Radical Feminists
    Nobody is a woman except for those born with a vagina.
    Like I said, they are scary, they hound Transwomen on and off the internet.

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    • Mr. Merveilleux
      February 27, 2016

      I’m only hearing of this fringe group this week. What an unpleasant little bunch they seem to be.


    • Sophie Jameson
      February 29, 2016

      TERF is a slur invented by transactivists and their supporters. It’s used to define anyone who doesn’t fall in line behind the delusion that you can be a woman just by saying you are. Feminists hold that being a woman is biological fact. You can’t be a woman with a dick. I don’t see this as controversial.

      MTFs involve us in their sexual identity in a way other groups don’t. If you tell a gay man he’s not gay, he’ll laugh at you or look puzzled, as well he might. Tell a transwoman she’s not a woman and she may knock your teeth out or running sobbing to the loo, depending on temperament. Transpeople have been known to threaten suicide over being “misgendered.” Pointing out that an MTF is a man in a dress is considered terribly wicked.

      So when TERFs commit that sin they are told to die in fires, threatened with rape (by people claiming to be women) and told they’re transphobic if they are lesbians who display a lack of interest in male-bodied partners. TERFS are far from scary. The boot is very much on the other foot. MTFs commit sexual and violent crimes at the same rate as other men, and there is evidence that criminals transition specifically to gain access to women. See the site Allison’s Law for details, and the written evidence submitted by British Association of Gender Identity Specialists to the Transgender Equality Inquiry (


      • Mr. Merveilleux
        February 29, 2016

        “Feminists” don’t hold squat; your particular sect of self-appointed feminists may say one thing or another.
        The fact of the matter is you’re promoting sexist violence against trans people. The same sort of sexist violence real feminists have been against since the enlightenment.
        TERF ideology:
        Telling women what to think is wrong! (But we can tell trans people what to think.)
        Telling women what to wear is wrong! (But we can tell trans people what to wear.)
        Telling women what jobs they can have is wrong (But we can tell trans people what jobs they can have)

        And btw, your tactics are disgraceful. You’re using the entire playbook of the religious right. Anecdotal evidence, myths and playing to prejudice. You should be ashamed of yourself.


      • acflory
        March 1, 2016

        Why do you care? People who are secure within their own self image have no need to denigrate anyone. True power begins with the self.


  5. theoccasionalman
    February 27, 2016

    I’m reading a book by a female feminist about the construction of masculine identity, so be prepared for me to vent all my gender politics and opinions in a week or two. 🙂


    • Mr. Merveilleux
      February 28, 2016

      your gravatar still links to angry ricky instead of the reviews… why? 🙂


      • theoccasionalman
        March 6, 2016

        That is an excellent question. When I click on it, it takes me to a profile for The Occasional Man, so I’m not sure what it’s doing for you. If you have any comments from me from back when I was going by Angry Ricky, they’re now using the new picture with the old name. Or at least they are on The Dad Poet. It’s all very confusing.


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