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Anti-lgbt C-Fam’s Tax Return


Amusing reading: C-fam 2013 Tax Return

This is how to make homophobia and opposition to women’s rights into a lucrative business: Austin Ruse, who started and heads this anti-gay group, pockets over 10% of its entire budget as his salary alone. That’s apart from the expenses he claims (travel, food etc.) For “other employee benefits”, the cost is a whopping $110,000 per year. In essence this man who’s nothing more than a media/internet troll gets paid over $145,000 per year to be an internet troll. 


Interestingly, if you reverse search C-Fam’s Washington address you come up with the name of two other Crazy Christian™ Groups. The James Wilson Institute on Natural Rights and the Faith & Reason Institute. Apparently 1730 Rhode Island Ave., N.W., Suite 212. Washington D.C. is a foundation mill created by Catholic crazies (connected to that is, of course, discounting Monsignor Anthony Frontiero who resigned:


Imagine that, Ruse was too extreme for the Catholic church. And just for kicks, here’s a bit of C-Fam/Ruse history, courtesy of Scott Long:

“C-FAM has a relatively small budget – $1.2 million in 2012, according to its tax filings – but outsized influence. It is the not-exactly-legitimate offspring of an anti-abortion group called Human Life International (HLI), founded in 1981. HLI’s creator, Father Paul Marx,  a DC-based Catholic priest, exploited two networks to build his brainchild: Reagan-era US conservatives, and the Vatican. The former provided funding, the latter global connections. HLI grew quickly, establishing outposts across Latin America, Africa, and Europe. An odor of disreputability hung about it, though, partly from its ties to violence-inciting anti-abortion fanatics such as Randall Terry. Several times in the 1990s, Jewish leaders in the US and Canada condemnedPaul Marx  for a trail of anti-Semitic statements. Marx had tried to win favor with the French, for instance, by claiming:

A famous genetics professor in Paris told me that the leaders of the abortion movement in France were Jewish. I saw one, a Jewish female liar, do her thing on behalf of abortion at the World Population Conference in Bucharest.

HLI proved too controversial for the UN, which denied it consultative status in 1993. In response, its leaders set up C-FAM in 1997, as a more respectable and NGO-like front for its lobbying at the world institution. Minutes from C-FAM’s first internal meeting, obtained by the progressive group Catholics for Choice, say:

Not public knowledge that HLI is funding office. Use discretion. Initially state that we are supported by multitudes of individuals/organizations. Don’t hide the fact that HLI is funder — just don’t volunteer that fact to uncertain/non-friendly persons.

Austin Ruse, an unknown who had worked on the financial end of various magazines from Fortune to Rolling Stone, rose to be its head – perhaps because he had no spoor of embarrassing political comments behind him.

Full text here.


21 comments on “Anti-lgbt C-Fam’s Tax Return

  1. Cara
    February 1, 2016

    Austin Ruse, an overpaid windbag. He’s very well funded, I’ll give him that, but it’s not Mensa members writing checks to him, it’s other crazy people. And exploiting the mentally ill for profit is just low.

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  2. tildeb
    February 1, 2016

    Any organization with the name ‘Family’ in it is either creationist, anti-abortionist, or it’s connected with Charles Manson. Lovely company Ruse keeps… very concerned with human rights and all that leftist garbage.

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    • Mr. Merveilleux
      February 1, 2016

      What I find most surprising is the amount of airtime these groups get in America. In western europe they’re considered the fringe. The same applies to extremist politicians. Le Pen is referred to by the media as an extremist.


      • josh
        February 3, 2016

        This is one of many things that annoy me about the American media. Pieces of shit like Tony Perkins and Brian Brown are put on TV as if they were respectable subject matter experts instead of the zealots they are. They run hate groups! Perkins and his Family Research Council have been particularly good with coating themselves with a thin layer or reputability, even though the man is a vehement homophobe with ties to white supremacists!

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      • Mr. Merveilleux
        February 3, 2016

        Thank You! Exactly. Since when is just hating or being against something a qualification to speak on the matter?

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  3. Carl D'Agostino
    February 1, 2016

    The charitable organization with the best collection$ to services delivered ratio is the Salvation Army. Its CEO gets a salary of $12,000 a year.

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  4. john zande
    February 1, 2016

    As always, i’m thoroughly impressed with your research skills.

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  5. Helen Devries
    February 2, 2016

    Not on the loony circuit,but an example of how charities escape proper controls:
    I knew a woman who was on the committee of a Huntingdon’s Disease support group. Her expenses were eye watering….and the committee held its meetings in Venice – long before the days of the budget airlines…
    Yet others of my acquaintance envied her….no idea of condemnation of greed and misappropriation.


  6. davidprosser
    February 2, 2016

    Your research is always spot on. I never knew Internet Troll was a job description and that it paid so well. Can you think of another group that hasn’t been offended enough yet, I could do with $145,000 pa.?

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    • josh
      February 3, 2016

      I would argue that while she goes well beyond the Internet, a certain A*n C*ulter (I refuse to invoke her name, it only raises her status) is one of the most successful professional trolls of this generation.

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  7. Your articles on Austin Ruse are highly entertaining. The best one is where you showed how insignificant it is to be accepted as an NGO at the United Nations. That article really opened up my eyes.

    One of my French Tweeps (twitter peeps) tweeted out some good news yesterday, and I tweeted him back to make sure I understood, there is a French Org called Civitas that just got de-listed by the French Government as a social org that gets government funding. I’m not to sure how that works in France, apparently if you are a civic org, say you want yo promote local fishing, you form an org and the government gives you money for your group? Anyway Civitas is OUT!

    When the whole Manif Pour Tous was getting going I was right on the start of that, I followed it right from the beginning and as part of watching that I connected with several great French people on Twitter and have learned a ton from them.

    Why did I follow Manif Pour Tous right from it’s conception? Well it was Regnerus. I followed Regnerus around the world, I saw they Regnerus study roll out globally through the Catholic orgs 2 days after it was published. And some of your readers might know that I am the first person who contacted Regnerus about his findings, I contacted him on a Sunday night and he responded to me by e-mail and said he really only found 2 people who had been raised from birth by 2 moms and that they did really well, I contacted him Sunday and his study was available for free on that next Monday. If I recall the date right it was June 11, 2012.

    What I would do is use Google search and set the language to various languages and simply search on the word, “Regnerus.” Then I looked to see the origin of the articles in Spanish, Polish, French etc. It was always Catholics orgs, it was Catholic orgs who pushed that Regnersu study. I connected via Twitter with a big French Gay Marriage leader and he explained to me how it worked in France.

    That woman, her name is something like Ludivine de la Roche (something like that). She worked for a French Catholic arch diocese as a press aid for like 16 years. I don’t remember the exact time but it was long. Then she left that to start an umbrella organization of a collection of children’s orgs. What happened is like 2 days after Regnerus was first freely published on the internet Civitas France sent out a French alert and this Ludovine de la Roche (I know I’m not spelling her name right) she jumped on that and whipped up all the 60 orgs in her childrens umbrella org group, and Manif Pour Tous was born. That is what started Manif Pour Tous, it was the Regnerus study which they even had translated into French and right from the very start of Manif Pour Tous they had the Regnerus study on their Home page of their website. The Regnerus study was right on their Home Page and was, I don’t think anyone with the historical knowledge of what happened in France would disagree with me, it was the Regnerus study that launched the Manif Pour Tous. Because I followed Regnerus around the world using Google I literally watched Manif Pour Tous form. I also connected via Twitter with French gay rights activists who were very kind and would explain things to me, Google Translate isn’t perfect so when I had questions of what was going on they were very helpful to me explaining what was going on in France.

    So, winding down this long story I was thrilled the other day when Civitas got de-listed as an approved civil org and they lost their funding. One other interesting thing is what happened to Manif Pour Tous? They morphed into a Political Party, so Manif Pour Tous is now a Political Party so I wonder how that is going to play out, an incorporated (and they filed their French Gov docs to become a political party) a French Political party involved in other countries, like we see recently in Italy. I have no idea French law, but we’ll have to see if they operate within the law now that Manif Pour Tous is a Political group.

    ne thing that is disappointing is so many of the Franch Gay Marriage activists on Twitter once they won gay marriage in France have kind of cooled it. This is a shame as they should stay active globally, like lend support to Australia right now for example. But I do still follow a few French people on Twitter who have stayed engage, YEAH! t Civitas loosing funding.

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    • Mr. Merveilleux
      February 2, 2016

      The Civitas case is quite interesting legally. They set themselves up as a *charitable* non profit organization. That had a twofold effect. The first was the (reduced, if any at all) taxes they paid, the second was that people who donated to them could deduct those donations from their own taxes.
      So the government indirectly finances charitable groups- except Civitas was just masquerading what they did. None of their activities were deemed to be in the interest of the general public. So now they have to pay a back tax bill of €55000 (about US$60k)+ all future money they receive will be taxed at regular rates 😀


      • My impression is (and that is not knowing the French language and relying on others to inform me) my impression is that CIVITAS is merely an extreme right wing Catholic org.

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      • Mr. Merveilleux
        February 2, 2016

        Even if you don’t speak French, just glance over the charts in this article from Le Monde:
        It exposed how the VAST MAJORITY of groups connected to the Manif pour Tous were total fabrications. Some didn’t exist at all, some had ZERO members, most were made up to make their numbers look much bigger than they actually were.

        From what I’ve been investigating recently (more in this soon) much of the right wing propaganda is total smoke and mirrors. Explain to me how Ruse allegedly has 300,000 email subscribers, he writes for the *allegedly* #37 news site in the world, but only has 1800 twitter followers? Those numbers just don’t pan out.


  8. I read that LeMonde article when it first came out, I remember it.
    I used Google translate, it was a heck of a good investigative journalism effort.
    I am THRILLED that CIVITAS has to pay 55k euros in back taxes. That is awesome news, first I have heard about it.

    I’m on Twitter with the reporter who wrote that story, Samuel Laurant @samuellaurent he’s pretty good. I have had a few tweets, not many, back and forth with him. You know who else who is French who I follow on Twitter is Caroline Mecary. she is the leading gay rights attorney in France. She doesn’t tweet socially, mainly it is about court cases which I love, I love following court cases @carolinemecary. You know who else I am on Twitter with who is French, Pierre Berge. He has even tweeted me a couple of times. He’s not on Twitter much now but during the gay marriage fight he was. I find twitter very valuable for sharing information across nations. Twitter is also very valuable in finding out what the other side is up to.


  9. Scottie
    February 5, 2016

    Reblogged this on Scotties Toy Box and commented:
    Interesting information on the sleazy acts of the hate groups. We need to be aware of what these groups are doing so that we can protect our selves. However it also shows how clearly they lie to and fleece their own supporters. Thank you. Hugs


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