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New York Times Sparks Breitbart Article Scapegoating against LGBT Human Rights Advocacy | Melanie Nathan


Who has hurt African LGBT people more?  Is that the question?  Ask yourself always – where did it start and unless one fails to place a story in its absolute and full context, then we can be assured there is no truth.  The New York Times published a somewhat incendiary article based on the comments of a few Nigerian LGBT activists who may not in and of themselves have a full sense of what goes on in all of Africa and the global outreach to promote human rights, including for LGBTI people in Africa.  The NYT article was the perfect fuel for distortion and counter advocacy against the work of the global community to promote human rights for all.  Austin Ruse, writing for Breitbart, did not miss his scapegoat opportunity!

Source: New York Times Sparks Breitbart Article Scapegoating against LGBT Human Rights Advocacy | O-blog-dee-o-blog-da

6 comments on “New York Times Sparks Breitbart Article Scapegoating against LGBT Human Rights Advocacy | Melanie Nathan

  1. Melanie Nathan
    December 25, 2015

    Thank you!


  2. Sirius Bizinus
    December 25, 2015

    Why is this stuff continuing to happen? I mean, people my age and younger just view it as the irrelevant rantings of people who have no reason to be biased against people for their sexual orientation. Even with IB’s article, really the group of people doing this stuff is getting smaller. It’s only the people who are secluding themselves from society which are believing this.

    I can’t wait for the day when there are so few people capable of buying BreitBart’s crap that they can’t make money off of this kind of double speak anymore. If I was independently wealthy, I’d buy their offices and turn it into a memorial of the suffering people have had to endure over all of this.

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    • Mr. Merveilleux
      December 25, 2015

      It’s definitely ending. Homophobic propaganda is basically dead in western Europe. It’s also dying in America. The problem is those people keep looking for new markets to sell their garbage, and places with high poverty and low education rates are perfect targets for their religio-political manipulations.


      • Colin
        December 26, 2015

        The fun thing, if you can call it fun rather than cringeworthy or embarrassing, are the conservatives here using LGBT oppression as a marker to dislike other groups, like Muslims. Honestly, I had a fan of the Tory Bill Cash explain to me that Muslims hated gays and wanted to behead them. This from a fan of a man who until a few years ago would have defended Section 28 to the last breath.

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      • Mr. Merveilleux
        December 26, 2015

        We’re in Upside Down Land at the moment. Recently someone told me I was homophobic and anti-immigrant for pointing out that Milo Yiannopoulos was both gay and an immigrant. And it happened to be by people who defend homophobic and anti-immigrant views.


  3. Clare Flourish
    December 25, 2015

    Whenever I go to that blog, I get an earworm. I have to repeat three times Scaramouch Scaramouch can you do the fandango? to cure it.

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