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bad research and the dangers of groupthink | violetwisp

“Recently there was much outrage over the alleged anti-homosexuality law in Uganda, but if you read the actual law it was speaking of forced sexual contact with minors with the intent to give them aids.” (Insanitybytes)

“I’m all for putting our thoughts out there. On any topic. I don’t feel I need to be an expert. But I do like to take a little time to verify most of my assumptions with some casual googles. I even take time to verify what I’ve read other people say by looking for evidence – if I can find an original source it’s best, but any kind of academic publication or even a reputable media source or two, just to make sure I’m not simply making things up.”

Full text: bad research and the dangers of groupthink | violetwisp

Well worth a read, but before you go here’s the link I’m talking about as mentioned in the 2006 Alden & Parker study (available in its entirety online for free here):


My contention was and is, that the hostile environment created by anti-gay rhetoric is a precursor to violence and hate crimes, and the evidence clearly supports that whether we’re talking about Uganda, Russia, France or any other country.

4 comments on “bad research and the dangers of groupthink | violetwisp

  1. Cara
    December 23, 2015

    So it’s a crime to be homosexual in Uganda. You’d think the powers that be in Uganda would be more concerned with the economy, education, the spread of AIDS (AIDS is kind of rampant throughout Africa), you know, things that are useful. But no, their big concern is whether or not two men have sex with each other. Here in New York, those two men are free to marry (legally, with no prison time involved). I’m saying Uganda needs to join the modern world. And while I’m saying things, Russia needs to join the modern world on the gay issue. Seriously, Vladimir Putin, it doesn’t make you less of a manly man if you pass a law that says two men can marry each other.

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  2. Sirius Bizinus
    December 23, 2015

    Nobody has yet to point out the language of the 2014 bill in §5(1):

    “(1) A victim of homosexuality shall not be penalized for any
    crime committed as a direct result of his or her involvement in

    That right there pretty much creates a defense for anyone to commit any misdemeanor or felony against homosexuals, just so long as they can claim they were victimized.

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  3. john zande
    December 23, 2015

    I think you should inform Liz over on V’s post just how wrong she is.

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  4. tildeb
    December 23, 2015

    JM, you have no idea about the depth and breadth of American evangelicalism’s direct and ongoing involvement in Uganda. This country and its legislation is what the US evangelicals want to happen everywhere throughout the world by this kind of ‘quiet’ diplomacy – diplomacy carried out by ‘friends’ backed by dozens of US senators and congressmen who belong to the covenant called The Family. Outlawing homosexuality is one tiny price paid for out of ‘friendship’ by Uganda’s president in exchange for billions in development projects and foreign aid. The legislation itself was originally written by American evangelicals but the death penalty caused such a stir that it was rephrased as SB has adroitly pointed out.

    That InsanityBytes22 has no clue of the depravity and suffering against real people in real life carried out with her blessing in the form of support for these evangelical mafia doesn’t surprise me. When it comes to anything under the umbrella of her faith, she is an apologetic automaton who can neither think rationally nor find any rational grounding for her skewed moral compass. She’s the perfect dupe and people like she is the necessary supportive political component for the vile Family members to continue to use their political power to spread Christianity’s toxic theocratic waste around the globe.

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