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The Sydney Morning Herald sums up Q&A (and Faust’s performance)

Worth reading the whole article, but here’s the best part. Warning: Don’t try drinking anything while reading this, you will spit it out:

“Faust comes blessed with an interesting surname if you want to think about it, but it’s her blog name that’s the real TV-friendly gimmick: Ask the Bigot. No kidding. The other twist in Faust’s tale is that she was raised by female same-sex parents but now spends her days campaigning against same-sex marriage and parenting.

In that ever-shrinking marketplace, where else would she be but Australia, being charming and eloquent on the face of it until you twig that she considers you a menace to happy children and stable society. To the child of gay parents, Faust says things like “thank you so much for the question” – as if they’ve just given her a lightbulb moment – but you soon learn the lights are still off. She bagged studies on gay parenting, urged a society based on “natural law”, and even flipped a discussion about quotas for women MPs back to the gay parenting debate: “The gender balance matters in the life of a child, too,” she reminded, quoting in support a certain Eric Abetz, the Liberal senator last seen tending to his Dolce & Gabbana sock collection.

Faust had her only ally in Brendan O’Neill, a British writer whose ability to get on your nerves is so pronounced that mosquitoes must find him annoying. Ricky Gervais would play this bloke in a movie.

O’Neill is a libertarian, of a stripe sometimes identified by other terms such as “Who invited him?” and “He’s not sitting next to me”. He wants everyone to get out of everyone else’s face. “Leave me alone,” is the broad philosophy, but delivered with such insistence it’s like being taken hostage by an opinionated dentist.

O’Neill schtick combines a prancing shock value, an ability to talk under water and a refusal to give a shit what anyone thinks of the results. This means he can dive headlong into debates on anything and come up with gems – such as his rejection of targets for female representation in government.”



9 comments on “The Sydney Morning Herald sums up Q&A (and Faust’s performance)

  1. davidprosser
    August 18, 2015

    So the Aussies weren’t taken in either. Good for them. They’re too polite to send her packing but maybe their goodbye message will be Keep it real in future you fraud.

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  2. roughseasinthemed
    August 18, 2015

    I think SMH summed it up pretty accurately. Well, that was my view so it must be accurate 🙂

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  3. inspiredbythedivine1
    August 18, 2015

    Her appearance on that show was stupendous. What better way to show off her idiocy than by putting her on TV and allowing her to open her mouth? She and her Grace Seattle Church are, to me, punchlines to an infinite number of jokes, and, believe you me, they’re jokes I’ll be telling. Every single bloody one of them.

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  4. john zande
    August 18, 2015

    Amy way of sending this to Grace Church? 😉


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