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Countdown Mode

boxesFinished packing books and cd’s. Mike actually did the bulk of it before he left. We still have to do the more fragile crystal and porcelain table lamps. There’s also still the Wedgwood dinner service we use as our every day set, and party wineglasses. I’m not sure we’ll ever have parties again, but I’m keeping them just in case. One never knows. When I moved to the coast (sure it was going to be forever) I gave away all my heavy winter coats- which I now regret.

The movers are doing the paintings . I’ve used them a few times before to transport things to auction houses, so I’m fairly confident they know what they’re doing.

Mike emailed yesterday to explain how we got from cream leather seats, to burgundy seats, to black seats:

“…Frankly, the most exhausting rest I’ve ever had. However, I’m installed in a really central hotel in Alicante, for the next three days, so my rest begins here. Finally I get my pick of restaurants, having had to settle for McDonald’s last night in San Juan de Alicante (which the misguided souls call Saint Joan) to be near Lotsofhoney. Delivered the car at 8.0 am sharp, and was faced with the choice of colours. I asked the boss to leave me alone for ten minutes with the swatches, explaining that I had a partner who would kill me if I got it wrong. I didn’t really love any of them.
In the end I went for burdeos, which did seem to be more brown than red. Good choice, said the boss, who then kindly offered me a lift. As I climbed into his car, he pointed at his seats and said, There you are, burdeos ! Aaaaaargh…..a cross between maroon and coral.
So, what we’re having is black, with the central sections perforated. A bit cowardy-custard, but can’t go wrong…”

I’m in full countdown mode. Mike gets back tomorrow night or Thursday morning depending on how quickly the upholsterer works. Then it’s the final stage. We have a lunch on Friday, another on Sunday, then another on Tuesday. I’ve warned everyone that if I hear the word goodbye I’m getting up and leaving- I hate dramatics, terribly undignified. Getting emotional is something for people on reality shows. We’re moving to France, not Tonga. It’s a neighbouring country. One can leave Málaga at 10am and be in Paris in time for lunch.

Ah yes, and here’s me a few days ago trying to read on an armchair. The dogs have obviously decided they’re against literacy- which I suppose means they must have joined the Spanish far right (or do I just mean the Spanish right?)


where in the world is my deep olive toned Mediterranean skin hiding?

12 comments on “Countdown Mode

  1. metan
    December 2, 2014

    If you are going to have dogs in the car cream leather is probably not the best choice. Poor Mike, imagine if he’d agreed to burdeos, he would have been too terrified to come home!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Mr. Merveilleux
      December 2, 2014

      You’re 100% correct. We turned against the cream the night before he left!
      Am I that scary? I’m starting to get the impression everyone thinks so! 😛


      • metan
        December 2, 2014

        I expect you are only scary to those living within the blast zone…. 😉

        Liked by 1 person

  2. secretmom2013
    December 3, 2014

    Good luck. We moved here 2 1/2 years ago and I told everyone then that the next time I move will be on a stretcher to the morgue. I hate moving! It would be a lot better if everything simply disappeared from the old place and magically reappeared in the new one.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. karenjane369
    December 3, 2014

    Being a very organised person, I do like the fact you’ve labelled the boxes. I’ve known people who move house & never label anything, which to me is madness. Black car seats? Hmmm, you will have to clean them regularly as all the dust/hairs/mud from dogs paws will show up. (I wear black most of the time, & with my grey hair I know how annoying moulting bits are). But Black will look very smart.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Mr. Merveilleux
      December 4, 2014

      Do you mean as opposed to my grey hair and black clothes 😛


      • karenjane369
        December 5, 2014

        I’ve got more grey than you! it’s the worst thing about not colouring my hair, as I had no idea how much I ‘moult’. Of course, i could always start wearing brighter colours, but why break a habit of 40 or so years 🙂


  4. roughseasinthemed
    December 5, 2014

    I’ve never moved myself, having had the luxury of walking out of the door from the old house to go to work and into the door of the new house in the evening. Recommended. But as I no longer have a prison office job I may well end up packing next time. Books are the major pain. That and china. I’ve got two Wedgwood dinner services (and a tea service) that are still unpacked, apart from the obligatory breakage check. In fact the only breakage was caused by me when I smashed a liqueur glass 😦 I should really sell the Wedgwood although I do think the gold florentine is pretty.

    The promised dog photo. I know the feeling. You like as pale as I do, and I have the excuse of all summer in doors on my sick bed, all pale and wan.


  5. wow, I wondered where you had disappeared. I am supposed to be getting emails when you post but that has not been happening….


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